Meyerhoff Art Gallery

The newly renovated Joseph & Rebecca Meyerhoff Gallery at the Gordon is a space dedicated to art and conversation.

a hallway with art on the walls all the way down.

The newly renovated Joseph & Rebecca Meyerhoff Gallery at the Gordon is a space dedicated to art and conversation. In the 23-24 season, this gallery will be a platform for building bridges across different communities and exploring identity through creative expression. Through visual art exhibits, panels and performances, artists, poets, students and patrons will meet and discuss art, community and understanding. The exhibits are highly curated and each program connected to the exhibit will be an experience which delves into the process of artistic creation and artistic expression.

October-December 2023
A visual-literary art exhibit focused on healing bridges between communities in Baltimore through art, in a collaborative journey reflecting on how visual and literary art influence our perceptions, feelings, and thoughts about each other.

Opening Reception: October 26 | 7:00pm
In addition to a tour of the exhibit and a poetry reading, the artists and poets and reception attendees will participate in improvisational storytelling and discussion with the D.C. Playback Theatre, and a short concert with Y-Love, Black Jewish and Gay HipHop artist.

Closing Event: December 14 | 6:00pm
Bridging Communities: Closing the Exhibit with Intention

Led by Certified Psychodramatist and Systemic Team Coach, Joshua Lee, this event will use action-oriented exercises and frameworks, such as socio-drama (spontaneous enactment of social situations), to explore ways in which we are more alike than different in a unique, fun, and relaxed atmosphere.

December 2023 – February 2024
A visual art exhibit of student artists from The Seed School of Maryland, focusing on the relationship between Blacks and Jews and the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. This collaboration, the first of its kind, it dedicated to celebrating and uplifting positive relationships and contributions Jews and Blacks have had in support each other and each other’s communities.

Opening Event: January 11 | 7:30pm
In celebration of MLK Jr. and the opening of the student exhibition, the Gordon Center will host The Melting Pot Band, a premier twenty-member jazz orchestra specializing in performing the pieces of Baltimore’s own Henry J. (Hank) Levy. Prior to the concert, SEED students will lead guests through the exhibit, and will perform spoken word and oratory during the concert.

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