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The Jewish Wisdom Studio

star of david made of people standing bunched together on a blue background.


The Jewish Wisdom Studio is a space to explore Judaism and Jewish culture as it evolves and develops on the page, on the screen, in the studio.

Studying art and culture helps us understand our own humanity. Creativity invites us to understand the world differently, to shift perspectives, to reassess who we are, and why we are here. Jewishness is not only found in classical texts – it is found very profoundly in the art Jews create, in the choices we make about the way we live. It is found in movies and books, in comedy and language.

The Jewish Wisdom Studio of the Gordon Center for Performing Arts is a project that explores the best of Jewish Culture. Jewish literature and music, art and ideas, people, Israel and Torah are explored in the broadest, deepest, most meaningful way by the best educators and thinkers in the country on these topics. Our instructors are known throughout the Jewish community and in some cases throughout the world. They are early adaptors, authors, cultural commentators, professors and thought leaders, who will teach and facilitate completely virtual classes and conversations at wisdom intersections.

For more information, contact Melissa Seltzer at mseltzer@jcc.org