Meyerhoff Art Gallery

The newly renovated Joseph & Rebecca Meyerhoff Gallery at the Gordon is a space dedicated to art and conversation.

a hallway with art on the walls all the way down.

The newly renovated Joseph & Rebecca Meyerhoff Gallery at the Gordon is a space dedicated to art and conversation. In the 23-24 season, this gallery will be a platform for building bridges across different communities and exploring identity through creative expression. Through visual art exhibits, panels and performances, artists, poets, students and patrons will meet and discuss art, community and understanding. The exhibits are highly curated and each program connected to the exhibit will be an experience which delves into the process of artistic creation and artistic expression.

International Perspectives from Local Jewish Women 

March 16 – May 1, 2024
Featuring Laura Kellam and Margy Figelson
Artist Reception: April 6 | 7:00pm
Local Jewish artists, mother and daughter Margy Feigelson and Laura Kellam, draw inspiration from nature while expressing themselves with their unique styles and techniques. Along with a desire to capture the beauty of nature, these artists also have in common the love of the painting process. It serves as a therapeutic and expressive necessity for both. This special bond is one that mother and daughter have shared for many years, and they are thrilled to be exhibiting their artwork together.

May 2- June 14, 2024
Featuring Chaya Greenwald
My main inspiration comes from beautiful photos of Israel, the Old City streets of Yerushalayim and anything that gives me an “Oh my gosh I need to make that into a painting” type of photo. I am a child of a Holocaust survivor. Seeing images of the old-time shtetl and days of simple Jewish life really bring out strong feelings and I want to get those feelings on a canvas to share with others. More at

December 2023 – February 2024
A visual art exhibit of student artists from The Seed School of Maryland, focusing on the relationship between Blacks and Jews and the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. This collaboration, the first of its kind, it dedicated to celebrating and uplifting positive relationships and contributions Jews and Blacks have had in support each other and each other’s communities.

October-December 2023
A visual-literary art exhibit focused on healing bridges between communities in Baltimore through art, in a collaborative journey reflecting on how visual and literary art influence our perceptions, feelings, and thoughts about each other.

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